Version 1.0

  • Got a chance to the application on a few macs, and it seems to be stable (successfully identifies my GMA 950 as Intel on my Mac Mini and works on some associates’ GPU-switching laptops). I’ve also addressed an issue where the About window would not appear on top of other windows. Looks like it's still not going on top of other windows...
  • If anyone has any feature requests/suggestions, feel free to submit them. I’m looking for various ways to get some more information about triggering the GPU switching functionality, or at the least, toggling the setting that exists in EnergySaver. If anyone thinks Growl is useful, let me know and I’ll look at getting that in, though I figure it’s already in the menubar so it’s pretty clear what’s going on.
So now that I consider this version free of bugs that I know of, we’re at 1.0.