Version 1.6 - Updates

  • Power-state based GPU switching now for the 9600/9400. Please note, it is entirely possible that the 9600GT remains powered after a switch if any applications remain open. Through testing it seems to stay powered according to iStat, though it is unclear whether or not it powers down after applications are relaunched.
  • Growl will now notify a list of applications that are keeping the 330M running on 2010 MBPs when switching to battery power.
  • GPUInfoMenu should no longer cause screen savers to flicker periodically while on battery power with the use integrated graphics on battery option selected.
  • By request, monochrome icons for the status bar are now available in a small preferences sub menu. Icons in the menu itself will remain in color.
  • And under the hood, a significant reorganization of the source code to make it more manageable.
  • ---The lag of the menu opening when the 330M is running has not yet been resolved in this release.